An estranged son must return to his small hometown and confront his family after his father's sudden death.

...In Total, “Khol” Is A Further Example Of How Independent Cinema, No Matter Where In The World It Heralds From, Maintains Such A Magnificent Record Of Reflecting The State Of Affairs On This Road Called Life...
— By: One Film Fan

Cast & Crew

   Shawn Parikh    as Vijay

Shawn Parikh

as Vijay

   Sarayu Blue    as Vidya

Sarayu Blue

as Vidya

   Anna Khaja    As Ranjan

Anna Khaja

As Ranjan

   Jason Rogel    as Timothy

Jason Rogel

as Timothy

   Sterling Jones    As Chris
   Alessandro Nori    as Derek
   Sidd Munjal    Young Vijay

Sidd Munjal

Young Vijay

  Rika pinto   Young Vidya

Rika pinto

Young Vidya

Shawn Parikh — Written By

Shawn Parikh — Producer

Alessandro Nori — Producer

Mayank Bhatter — Associate Producer

Ruben Contreras — Cinematography

Faroukh Virani — Director

Christopher Robleto-Harvey — Sound Mixer

Behind the Scenes

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