Bad Indians

It’s a Will & Grace meets Catastrophe for first-generation Indian-Americans. Which is to say, it is about a unnerving, codependent friendship but told through a new, diverse viewpoint.

This series is a great example of when successful television formulas are smartly adapted to reflect actual people, rather than idealized and romanticized relationships.
— Anjali Misra |

Cast & Crew

Shawn Parikh    as Neal
Erin Cahill    as Michelle

Erin Cahill

as Michelle

Connor Weil    as Brad
Dominic Burgess    as Brian
Ravi Kapoor    as Anand

Ravi Kapoor

as Anand

Chris Salvatore    as the Hot Waiter

Chris Salvatore

as the Hot Waiter

Karan Soni    As Rajat

Karan Soni

As Rajat

Aly Mawji    as Saahil

Aly Mawji

as Saahil

Shawn Parikh — Written By

Devanshi Patel — Written By

Shawn Parikh — executive producer

Devanshi Patel — executive producer

Faroukh Virani — executive producer

Ruben Contreras — Cinematography

Faroukh Virani — Director 

Daniel Trujillo — sound Mixer

Katie Leonard — key makeup artist

Behind The Scenes

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